i love aomine daiki
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About me / FAQ

I’m Phee, i love fictional homos 


(unless you ask unanon)

Why do you like yaoi?

Two hot guys having sex is the best. (if you don’t like yaoi please don’t follow)

Where is this post from?

If it was posted by me check the tags or ask unanon so i can reply back privatly.
if the post is reblogged, check the original sources tags or ask them.

Do you follow back?

No, unless we have the same interests…

Do you check out the blogs of people who follow you?

I do ocassionally but if you want me to check out your blog, just ask! ^^

How do you make gifs?

I can’t find the tutorial i used when i first started making gifs, but this one looks okay.

Where do you get your gif textures?

Blog backgrounds or from google. ^^

Where do you download anime?

From animetake or nyaa

Why aren’t you answering my message?

1. If you are asking me to promo you i will ignore you.
2. If you are asking something stupid, i will ignore it.
3. I’m busy, or i haven’t seen your message.
4. I take awhile to reply because i’m trying to think of what to say ^///^

Post a picture of yourself?


What are your previous url’s?

Koutari, Aorai, Kiskuro